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Amber Deluca aka Amber Steele aka Goddess of Fetish

Amber Deluca styles herself the "Goddess of Fetish" and she certainly lives up to the name. She is willing to try anything with few exceptions. This perfect specimen of a woman was born in 1967 in Peninsula, Ohio. She is part Omaha Indian and part Shoshone and it is those Pocahontas looks that make her the first girl in every muscle fetishist’s fantasies. Now, Amber can be found on her own website, GoddessofFetish.com, where she has clips available, live webcam shows and a whole lot more. Amber is everything a fan of bodybuilder ladies could want, and she’s one of the most popular models in the industry.


Amber Delucas Career

Amber started her career in college, where she got in on a volleyball scholarship and went to nationals with her team. She still is the top record holder at the school for all-time kills. Amber got her B.A. in Communications/English at Gannon University and while she was there she began training for arm wrestling under the tutelage of Dann Carr. Eventually, Amber enlisted in the Air Force and served in Operation Desert Storm and in Operation Southern Watch. She improved her education by getting a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management recently.

Amber first entered the Amateur Bodybuilding Association’s Ms. Figure America competition in 2001 and then went on to compete in the Ms. Universe competition in the United Kingdom. She was modeled for the book “Modern Amazons” and she began to compete in weight lifting, taking the NPC Mid-USA in 2003 for the heavyweight class and then won 13th at Nationals. She competed in her final competition in 2007, the NPC Master’s Nationals in Pittsburg.

Amber Deluca Modern Amazons

Amber’s televised sports career began when she met up with Dann Carr once again and was invited to a show he created called American Gladiators. She was the gladiator “Apache” but only was able to compete for a short time until an injury took her off of the show.

Adult Activities

So, what does Amber have going for her online in the adult world? Well, as the Goddess of Fetish, she has a website for that particular title, which shows Amber doing just about everything you could imagine. She says that she is open to every fantasy and her tastes extend far beyond muscle fetish. She only has a few things that she draws the line at and with the live webcam shows, the videos that show her in every position, with multiple cocks in her mouth, masturbating or leading towards her bisexual side and using a strap-on to make a lucky woman come, she is the fantasy of every bodybuilder fetishist out there. If there is a perfect women then Amber Deluca is definitely a contender.


Amber Deluca’s body is like a buffet of goodness that you just want to eat up. Let’s start with her stats. She stands 5’9” in her bare feet, with 220 pounds of pure, unadulterated muscle. Her calves measure 18”, her biceps 16”. As for her measurements – 48-32-43 – but all of that is just the beginning. Her body is perfectly shaped, starting with her sculpted neck, which is muscular and smooth. Her face is beautiful as well, with large, pouty lips, long eyelashes and smooth skin. She has a gorgeous bronze tan all over her body that makes her shine golden in the light.

Amber Delucas Body

But this incredible lady’s body doesn’t end there. The best parts are still to come, and if you look at her arms, you’ll have a hard-on instantly. Her shoulders are perfectly rounded and powerful, with biceps that gracefully bulk out her arms and rock hard, firm triceps. Her flat stomach is another sweet spot, with the abdomen showing deep lines of hard work and intense muscle training. Her legs are stunning, both powerful and smooth, both elegant and thick, all at the same time.


Amber Delucas Clitoris

If you want to see something wonderful, sexy as hell and absolutely scrumptious, just look between this lady’s legs. As she pulls down her string bikini bottoms, her pussy is exposed, with a perfect v-shape and a rectangular patch of hair. Her pussy is deeply tanned and if you pull back the lips you’ll see a very nice clitoris about as large around as a nickel and protruding slightly from her pussy.

You don’t even have to wait for her to pull the hood back to see it. If she just sits down and spreads those rippling, muscular legs a little bit, you can see that her clit is perfect and is the exact right size for a willing mouth and tongue. She’s got it all, including a clit that you could make her writhe in pleasure with, while watching every powerful muscle in her body expand and contract while she orgasms.


Amber Delucas Tits

Amber’s tits are just as great as the rest of her. She has two perfectly round mounds of flesh that are tanned golden brown just like the rest of her body and sporting silver dollar sized nipples, with hard tips that you can see right through a flimsy shirt that she might wear to the gym to work out. Those nipples are just begging for a hand or a tongue to flick over them lightly and turn them into little pebbles. Those tits are to die for and we should count ourselves lucky that we got to take a long look at them and be fiercely jealous of anyone who actually got to touch them.

Amber Delucas Asshole


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